Bart De Pooter

Pastorale, projects, passion and pleasure

Bart De Pooter

Pastorale **

- Best vegetable restaurant 2018 - Gault Millau 17/20 ‐ Chef of the year 2012 -


The Mercedes House

For the love of food, design and experiences.



The first and only showroom in the world with a one-star experience.

Mercedes had built a whole experience center for clients and people passing by. Not only could they enjoy the newest technologies of Mercedes, they also were very welcome to enjoy some amazing art and delicious food by the hand of Bart.

Full transparency

Together with Elektrolux an actual open kitchen was built. Cameras registered live the cooking skills of the chefs and projected them on big screens. Everyone could see what happened in the kitchen.

WY stands for Welcome You.

Fingerlickin’ delicious

Thierry Canetta of Ellis Gourmet Burger asked Bart to create the perfect beef patty for Ellis Gourmet Burger, So he tried almost every gourmet hamburger in London and Paris. With tastebuds flickering in every direction he did not only made the perfect beef patty for Ellis, he also designed a special machine that’s capable of making 1 million beef patty’s a year.

Not only did he create a beef patty. He also keeps a clear eye on the overall quality of the business.

Bart Owaffles